Garden on Boat, Grow Your Veggies Anywhere

Garden Boat
Leafy greens, beets, cucumbers, herbs and more thriving on a sailboat.

Doc David Gawain has an awesome system for growing plants that are a healthy part of an alkaline diet.

Or any amazing healthy diet for that matter. Living greens …

container garden on a boat


Simple Trick to Improve Dental Health, Ancient Secret

Oil Pulling
Check out the improvement in Doc Dave’s teeth.

He has before and after pictures in this video.

You won’t hear about this from your dentist. This kind of information might put him out of business.

Dave’s teeth are noticeably whiter …

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Sweet PotatoesGrowing Your own Vegetables and Fruits, guarantees you a fresh supply of organic produce at a very low cost.

Nathan Levy gives us a sweet potato growing tutorial in just over three and a half minutes.

Did you know the …

Create a Truly Happy Life 1

Happy LifeWhat does it really take to be happy?

First just decide, I am going to be happy.

Friends, social interaction, human touch, good healthy energy giving food, music, laughter and fun can make being happy a breeze.

Share your joy …

Energy Producing Exercise, QiGong 1

Qi EnergyDo You Feel Energized After a Workout?

Here is a simple exercise that improves energy and makes you feel better.

QiGong exercises enhance Qi or life energy.

In the previous post, we shared an exercise for bring down the Heavenly

Heavenly Energy, QiGong Exercise 1

Heavenly EnergyLife Energy Cultivation is the literal meaning of QiGong.

Some people think of it as gentle exercise, others consider it a moving meditation.

It is a great way to increase life force energy.

The Chinese have been practicing QiGong for …

Smoothie for a Paleo 3

Smoothie Paleo

Just add a good protein source to this smoothie and you have the makings of a Paleo meal.

Paleo is the way we used to eat, long time ago.

No cavemen did not have blenders.

This is a hybrid creation …

Here is a Gift, Share the Love

I just wanted to share the love this season.

Vibrant Health Videos would like  to share this video that was created by a friend.

Please share this video with friends and share the love.

Feel free to grab the audio …


Beat Sugar Addiction Now

Beat Sugar Addiction
Sugar addiction can really drain your energy.

It also makes it difficult to lose weight.

What is the underlying cause of your sugar addiction?

Check out what Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD has to say about the 4 different types of …